FUE technique, which means “Follicular Unit Extraction”, is one of the most effective and most preferred methods in hair transplantation with its advantages, affordable price and successful results. FUE is a procedure that involves the extraction of follicular units one by one from the donor area using micro motors, to be inserted in the open micro-channels in the receiving area.

Stages of FUE Hair Transplant

Stage 1: Hairline Design and Hair Cut

At the beginning of the hair transplant procedure, the surgeon designs the patient’s hairline. Creation of a natural hairline is one of the most important element of successful hair transplant. Hairline design should naturally blend with the patients face shape and symmetry. Then the patient’s hair is shaved completely and the scalp is washed with a special solution to prevent the risk of infection. But hair transplant can be performed unshaved according to the patient’s request. Finally, local anesthesia is applied to the patient so that he does not feel pain during the procedure.

Stage 2: Graft Extraction

After being numbed under anesthesia, the surgeon uses a micromotor or manual punch to remove the grafts from the donor area. Grafts are extracted one by one from the back and sides of the scalp, by using the micro punches with diameters of 0.5 – 0.8 mm inserted to the tip of the micromotor.

Stage 3: Graft Preservation

The grafts which are extracted from the donor area are cleaned, sorted according to the number of hairs they contain and counted one by one. These donor grafts are then preserved in a special solution that maximizes survival. The grafts are kept in solution at 0 and 4°C until implantation.

Stage 4: Opening the channels in the receiving area

Before starting the implantation of the grafts, channels are opened in the recipient area using specially designed blades (micro-slits). Channels of different thickness and length are opened to the recipient area to be planted at an angle that will match the angle of the natural hair.

Stage 5: Implant of the Grafts Into Channels

In this last stage, once a sufficient amount of channel is opened, the grafts are carefully implanted in the opened channels, one by one in the appropriate angle and direction. Single hair follicular units are implanted in the hairline. Follicular units containing double hairs are placed just behind the single units, and follicular units containing 3-4 hairs are placed in the middle of the scalp.The duration of a session varies according to the amount of graft to be transplanted. A session can last 6-9 hours on average. Between the application stages, the patient can eat and take 10-15 minute rest breaks.

After FUE hair transplantation is completed, the treated area is bandaged and the patient is informed about the rules to be followed. The next day, the patient visits the clinic again for the first wash.

To prevent swelling, inflammation and other possible complications, and to support/trigger hair growth, the surgeon may prescribe painkillers, antibiotics, oral steroids, finasteride or minoxidil.

After the hair transplant, itching may occur in the first 15 days, or small crusts may occur that can shed on their own. Some or all of the transplanted hair may experience shock shedding between the 3rd week and the 2nd month after the procedure. From the 3rd month, the scalp heals completely, the hair follicles remain where they were planted, they begin to get stronger and new hair begins to grow (approximately 1 cm per month). From the 6th month, the hair continues to get stronger and there are noticeable improvements. After 1 year, a completely natural appearance occurs.

What are the advantages of FUE Hair Transplantion?

  • Minimally invasive with no visible scars, no stitches.
  • Most natural-looking results permanently.

  • There is no change in skin sensitivity.

  • Easy post-op care and quick recovery.

  • Up to 5,000 follicular units can be implanted in a single session.

  • Multiple donor areas such as head, chest, back and beard hair can be used.

  • Most preferred and affordable compared to other hair transplantation methods.

€ 3,200
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Pre/Post Operation Medication
3 Nights Hospitalization
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Mother of 2 after the treatment
I went to Turkey for IVF. They were quite helpful from the moment I first texted them, I got all my questions answered. Once I got off the plane I was accompanied by the staff through every stage of the treatment. The transfer was a little late but the hotel was top notch. Doctors speak good English and the SegMed staff helped me with everything outside the clinic even though they didn't have to. My first treatment was successful and we had a good time during our stay in Ankara(great weather and food !) on top of it.
I got a nose job about 6 months ago after a long period of investigation. I am very happy now with the results, my nose fits my face perfectly. There was very little pain after the procedure and I was able to go on with my daily business. Thanks for everything.
Hair Transplant
I had my transplant for a couple days now. I didn't believe it would be pain free like it was advertised but I actually did not have that much pain after the procedure. The only real problem I had was lack of sleep and comfort since I had to sleep using a neck pillow. The staff and the doctor were comforting with their answers and everything went smoothly once I arrived in Turkey. My hair looks amazing at the moment and inshallah it will stay that way, it was worth it.
Gastric Sleeve
All around very professional staff and doctor. They walked me through every step regarding the treatment and what I had to do afterwards. I immediately lost my appetite on operation day and I am not even craving sweets or fast food since. I got advised on my diet by a professional dietitian and the diet is easy to follow. It has been only 2 weeks and I have dropped 10 pounds since the operation. Do not ever hesitate to get this operation done, I feel like I am born again !

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